Pollution And The Environment 
Highlight for Album: Pollution River Danube
Album: Pollution River Danube

Romania and Hungary: Millions of tons of cyanide were leaked into the Danube river by the Australian company 'Aurul' based in Romania. The river and its tributaries were polluted throughout Hungary to the Black sea. An eco-system was destroyed, fish, flora and fauna poisoned
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Highlight for Album: Road Protest UK
Album: Road Protest UK

The Road Protest movement in Britain began at Twyford Down where people, calling themselves the Dongas, camped on the ancient pathways overlooking Winchester to defend a site of scientific interest. Twyford was lost but the Road Protest movement accelerated as groups of people across Britain squatted homes, trees, land defending nature against the Government's road building programme. These guys are the predecessors of the anti-globalization movement....
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