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Mon, 25 Sep 2017 00:51:02 -0700 Gallery 1.5.6, http://gallery.menalto.com/ http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss 40 Nigel Dickinson Gallery http://nigeldickinson.com/albums/chernobyl/041_Chernobyl_Ukraine_6918.thumb.jpg http://nigeldickinson.com/gallery 144 96 http://nigeldickinson.com/gallery/chernobyl a3a586f781e716db26a3a89ee73b6e84 Chernobyl 20th anniversary: Ukraine and Belorus Mon, 13 Jul 2009 01:26:34 -0700 http://nigeldickinson.com/gallery/view_comments.php?set_albumName=chernobyl http://nigeldickinson.com/albums/chernobyl/041_Chernobyl_Ukraine_6918.thumb.jpg http://nigeldickinson.com/albums/chernobyl/041_Chernobyl_Ukraine_6918.jpg http://nigeldickinson.com/albums/chernobyl/041_Chernobyl_Ukraine_6918.thumb.jpg 96 144 The Chernobyl nuclear reactor caught fire in the early hours of the morning of 26th April 1986. 28 firemen, who fought the fire, lost their lives shortly after. A radioactive cloud blew around the world affecting many countries. Areas of Ukraine, where the Chernobyl power station is based, and due to the wind direction, areas in neighbouring Belorus, huge damage was caused. The region now known as the exclusion zone including Ukraine and Belorus cannot be inhabited by humankind for hundreds of thousands of years. Thousands of people have died in direct consequence of the Chernobyl disaster and hundreds of thousands of others have had their lives changed altogether, through trauma, illness and forced evacuation and transmigration from their homes.